Date Event Location
The Ostrich - Rob Acoustic Peterborough Peterborough
Yard of Ale Peterborough Peterborough
Private Party Stamford Stamford
Yard of Ale Charity Day Peterborough Peterborough
The Nags Head Bourne Bourne
Private Wedding Corby Corby
The Dragon Werrington Werrington
The Five Horshoes Barholm Barholm
The Golden Fleece Stamford Stamford
RAF Alconbury Alconbury Alconbury
Private Wedding Castor Castor
Langtoft Festival Langtoft Langtoft
Charters Summer Sunday Peterborough Peterborough
Private Wedding Rutland Rutland
Blue Bell Werrington Werrington
Private Wedding Rutland Rutland
Stukely Inn Alconbury Airbase Alconbury Airbase
Private Wedding Peterborough Peterborough
The Five Horshoes Barholm Barholm
Private Wedding Ramsey Ramsey

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