Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to book the band?

Children of the Revolution are proud to offer an outstanding service at a reasonable price. Each event is unique and therefore it is very difficult to give prices without knowing the full details. You can be sure however of very competitive rates, without the worry of additional agency fees and never any hidden extras. We can offer a full quote from the information we receive on our Get a Quote tab of this website.

Where will you play?

We are happy to travel all over, but for the best rates, the east of England, Midlands and London.

Can we see you play before we book?

We play a number of different venues in-between our private work commitments, a full list of which can be seen on our Gigs section of the website. We’d be delighted for you to come down to one of these gigs and watch the band, please feel free to let us know your are planning to come down, or say hello when you see us so we can be properly introduced .

Will the band need a PA or special lighting?

We will supply all required equipment for us to perform at your event including sound system and lighting rigs.

Do you take song requests?

You are welcome to select a few songs from the Set List section of the web page for your event and we will happily accommodate these if we can. Unfortunately it is unlikely that we can accept requests for songs not on this list due to the time it would take for us to learn different songs for different events.

How much space do you need?

We are a 4 piece band and require an approximate performance area of 4 x 4 meters with a minimum of 4 electrical points.

How long does it take you to set up?

Usually we require around an hour max to efficiently set up the PA system and sound check, this is based on their being good and straight forward access to the performance area. We then require around 15-20minutes to get changed and ready for the performance.

How long are your sets?

The band are flexible with their time structures and happy to work with whatever evening plan you may have. Feel free to choose from, 2 x 45min sets, 3 x 30min or 2 x 1hour sets and mention this when booking.

Will I also need to hire a DJ?

We have the facility within the band to offer you a DJ for your event for at least a 50% discount to what you would normally pay. As we use the same sound system, the same lighting and in-fact the same performers, we can offer excellent rates for DJ sets before/In-between and then after the band. Please mention this when booking also. Within the DJ sets we can incorporate any style and genre of music you would like for your event, so feel free to fire requests for this part of the night’s entertainment!

Can you play some music in-between your sets?

At no extra charge we will provide a playlist of popular tunes before/after/in-between the band sets if requested. Alternatively if you have a laptop or Ipod with a setlist of songs you would like played we can also accommodate this on the day, but again, please make this clear when booking so we can ensure we have all the right cables.

Okay so how do I book the band now?

The quickest way to book the band is to fill out the quote form on the Get a Quote tab, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the date is available and with an official quote for the services requested.